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Cross County Family Practice is a member of Cross County Medical Care, a modern comprehensive health care facility. We are a Certified Patient- Centered Medical Home. The care delivered at Cross County Family Practice is provided directly by our Board Certified Family Physician specialist, Dr. Sonia Jamil.

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Adolescent health encompasses an essential transition from childhood to adulthood. During this transition, adolescents establish patterns of behavior and make lifestyle choices that affect both their current and future health. It is our goal as your Family Medicine Provider to assist the adolescent during this transition phase by offering education, medical support, and resources. Some important areas to address are:

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women's health

There are many areas and factors that women's health entails. It is essential to recognize and understand potential concerns and risks to promote a healthy lifestyle. Women's health issues encompass menstrual disorders, contraception/diaphragm fitting, menopause care, and breast health.

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Physical Therapy

Specialized Physical Therapy - In a Specialized Environment - Achieving Measurable Results At Cross County Physical Therapy, we believe that no matter your lifestyle, activity or sport, if you’re having pain then we can provide the physical therapy treatment you need to get back on track and keep you active. We pride ourselves on being able to provide better outcomes for our patients.

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